About the Central Arizona Babywearing Name Change

Central Arizona Babywearing was once Babywearing International of Phoenix.  After Babywearing International, Inc., announced their intention to cease operations, our local group volunteers worked together to continue providing the services we feel so passionately about.  We love providing access to safe babywearing education in the Valley of the Sun, and we will continue to hold meetings and work outreach events around the greater Phoenix area with our new name!  


What's the Same?

  • Membership types, costs and availability of scholarships

  • Your membership status and expiration date

  • Meetings and meeting locations

  • Our carriers, lending libraries and myTurn inventory website

  • Depth of volunteer training

  • Volunteer and organization insurance


What's Changing?

  • Our name, logo, email, and social media names

  • Membership dues and money raised through fundraisers stay 100% local

  • Breadth of volunteer training: additional carrier types and education formats

  • Our website address