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Babywearing during the Holidays

Collage of 5 babywearing pictures with corresponding reasons to babywear during the holidays. Text reads: Central Arizona Babywearing by Volunteer Educator Toria Trendler. Top 5 Reasons I love Babywearing - Holiday Edition. 5. Manage extra shopping trips. 4. Travel with kids a little easier. 3. Provide a safe place for baby to rest from all the noise and stimulation. 2. Keep toddlers out of trouble when visiting not so kid friendly houses. 1. Take care of baby without missing out on your favorite holiday traditions. www.centralarizonababywearing.com
Top 5 Reasons I love Babywearing - Holiday Edition

When it comes to managing the holidays with a baby or toddler, one parenting tool has repeatedly come to my rescue.


It's not a magic bullet. But it sure has been a lifesaver.

Here are my top 5 reasons I love babywearing - Holiday Edition:

5. Babywearing helps me manage extra shopping trips

Shopping is not my strong suit. And shopping with kids, well that sure doesn't help anything. Babywearing lets me focus on finding whatever it is I'm looking for without trying to keep an eye on baby or wrangle a mischievous toddler at the same time.

4. Babywearing makes traveling with kids a little more manageable.

Whether its juggling luggage at an airport or exploring new places with the family, holding baby while having my hands free is a game changer.

3. Babywearing provides a safe place for baby to rest in an otherwise highly stimulating environment.

Babies are easily overstimulated around the holidays. There are so many more things to see and hear and often so many more people to meet. I know I'm guilty of passing around an already worn out baby from family member to family member because this it the one chance for everyone to meet the newest grandbaby. A few minutes of snuggles in a carrier or quick nap close to mom can help calm baby.

2. Babywearing helps keep toddlers out of trouble at not so kid friendly houses.

Breakable decorations, food prepped and ready to be served later, tempting packages... Sometimes putting the toddler on my back in a carrier is so much easier than saying "No" every two seconds or apologizing for that broken or ruined item.

1. Babywearing lets me take care of baby without having to skip out on favorite holiday traditions.

Babies have a way of finding the most inconvenient time to protest naps or suddenly demand urgent attention. And it can be discouraging to need to step out of family gatherings or put down that project that is so near completion. Every moment I get to BOTH take care of baby's needs by wearing her AND continue to enjoy holiday traditions is a special moment.

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