Meet Our Volunteers

Our organization is run entirely by volunteers. They donate their time and energy to help make babywearing safe and accessible for everyone in the Phoenix metro area. Each Babywearing Educator is trained and tested on teaching safe baby carrier use.  Additional levels of accreditation, such as Advanced Educator and Expert Educator, require more specialized skills and babywearing experience.  

Interested in volunteering?

We are always open to new educators joining our team.  We will help guide you through a training program about how to teach safe babywearing, then support you while you take a written and practical exam before certifying you to teach babywearing for Central Arizona Babywearing.  We also welcome non-educator volunteers, who help support our chapter in other ways.  If you are interested, please send an email to to learn more!  


Ann Paitel

Ann Paitel

Babywearing Educator

Ann lives with her 3 boys (two kids and a husband) and one cat. She enjoys reading, dancing, and dragons. Her favorite carriers are Meh Dai and Buckle Onbuhimo.

Tiffany Deacon Husar

Babywearing Educator

Tiffany loves to hike, swim, and spend her free time thrift shopping. Her favorite carriers are Kinderpack Soft Structured Carriers.

Tiffany Deacon Husar

Babywearing Educator

Tiffany loves to hike, swim, and spend her free time thrift shopping. Her favorite carriers are Kinderpack Soft Structured Carriers.

Lauren is our chapter president.  She loves to sew and travel around the world with her husband and two children.  Her favorite carriers are woven wraps and ring slings.

Expert Babywearing Educator

Lauren Maynard

Megan Connors Gagneur

Babywearing Educator

Megan loves to sew, bake, and travel. Her favorite carriers are Kinderpack SSCs and Meh Dais.

Sarah Hollingsworth

Babywearing Educator

Sarah loves to bake, shop, and collect all things harry potter. She has two kids and two crazy dogs

Shawna Morrison

Babywearing Educator

Shawna is the North Valley meeting librarian. She loves reading, music, swimming, ceramics, hiking, bingeing on tv, an eclectic mix of all things nerdy and wants a carrier for each fandom. She doesn’t have a favorite carrier because she feels they all are fantastic for different reasons.

Rachael Bender

Advanced Babywearing Educator

Rachael is our west valley meeting librarian.  She is mom to three kids and wife to Trey. She loves to weave, hike, run, knit, and binge watch Netflix. She doesn't have a favorite carrier but likes them all for different reasons.

Tanya Higgins

Babywearing Educator

Tanya has two boys she homeschools. She enjoys craft, repurposing, hiking and watching Friends.  Her favorite carrier are wraps.

Kelly Whittaker

Babywearing Educator

Kelly is librarian for the central location. She loves to cook, knit mediocre hats, complete half marathons, and spend too much money on Amazon. She lives with her husband and 2 young boys. Her favorite carriers are SSCs for bigger kids and wraps for squishy babies.

Toria Trendler

Babywearing Educator

Toria is a native Arizonan. She loves reading chapter books with her older kids and is passionate about science and music eduction. Her three kids have aged out of wearing but she can’t wait to snuggle her nieces and nephews in a moby.

Other Babywearing Educators

Amber Hodge

Lizz Witt

Elizabeth Morton

Tracy McCall

Jenna Parker

Jessica Nagy

Krista Edge

Sarah Kankiewicz
Katie Laguana
Perla Farias Portugal
Chelsea Bratton
Justine Schneider

Other Chapter Volunteers 

James Hodge

Ron Parker

Willow Hodge

Roberta Christine Patterson

Rachel Bodine

Melissa Coble

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